Fast Charging

EZI introduces an innovative wireless charging experience.

We design fast charging solution to the latest Qi standards.

We support 100% Qi-enabling fast charge or non-fast charge devices. 


EZI dissipate heat from bottom.

Giving you cool and fast charging experience. 






New Era of Wireless Charging

The effortless way in enabling fast wireless charging.

It works through up to 22mm thick non-conductive surfaces.


OTA (Over-The-Air) Dongle

Update through air.

No limitation on the variety of phone. 

EZI supports 100% of mobile devices. With OTA Dongle, we easily update firmware of EZI by using Bluetooth or LoRa. This sustainable feature supports a fast changing environment in wireless charging. We support any new standard that can be programmed using our OTA device. In addition, users can also check the phone's battery performance through the OTA dongle.

Firmware Sync

Performance info.

Phone info.

Customise settings

22-mm model

5W and supports Samsung & Apple fast charging

19V 1.35A power supply required

Extended Z-depth up to 22mm

75 % DC-DC Efficiency

CE, FCC, EN60950-1 certified

12-mm model

5W and supports Samsung & Apple fast charging

19V 1.35A power supply required

8-12mm penetration

78 % DC-DC Efficiency

CE, FCC, EN60950-1 certified

Does your device support wireless charging?

Neosen Charging Ring is the smallest fast charge extended receiver. Employs the latest Neosen 'Smart Rectifier Technology' and interoperable with Apple, Android and USB-C devices. 

Invisible on top. 

Power from Bottom.

Enjoy "No Charging Cable" experience in cafes, hotels and airports with Wireless Power Stand.

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